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War Simulator

War Simulator is a tactical real-time strategy in which you’ll take up the role of a medieval army general in an attempt to defeat the opposing forces across a total of 10 battles in the relentless war Campaign. At the start of each encounter, you’ll have limited funds to hire the mercenary forces, and the objective is to come up with the optimal formation using the resources available to defeat your enemies.

There are three different unit types, each with specific strengths and weaknesses. Once the battle commences, you no longer have control of the troops as they start moving and attacking automatically, therefore thorough preparation and planning are the keys to victory.

How to play War Simulator

The formation and composition of the opposing army are revealed before you start deploying the troops which provides valuable information. You want to make sure that your frontline can withstand the melee attacks and arrow barrages while your archers deal damage from afar.

The axmen should be used as your front-liners because, despite the relatively low damage, they have the most health of all units. The spearmen are less tanky but deal great damage and have an increased attack range. Archers provide a steady damage output, but you must make sure the enemy melee units don’t reach them, or they’ll perish quickly.

What are the controls for War Simulator?

War Simulator is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Click to select the available units from the tab on the left side of your screen, and then click on the desired spot on the battleground to deploy them. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Click and hold the mouse wheel, then move the mouse to rotate the camera. 


  • Tactical 3D real-time strategy
  • Three types of units and 10 Campaign levels
  • Once the battle begins, armies clash automatically

Release date

September 2018





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