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Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D is a game that allows you to step in the shoes of an apex predator and become the leader of a thriving wolf pack! This fantastic role-playing game features spectacular pixelated graphics, a vast domain to explore and reign over, plenty of quests, and a variety of NPC mobs to interact with. Earn experience points by completing quests or simply by hunting down farmers, livestock, and wild animals.

Wolves are mostly pack animals, and this awesome simulation game allows you to seek out a perfect mate to hunt together with and even expand your family.

How to play Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

At the very start, the game provides several tooltips that do a great job of introducing you to the basic game mechanics and interface options. It will save you a lot of trouble later if you dedicate a minute or two to read these game tips rather than skipping them.

You don’t have to do any quests to gain experience, but completing them is the only way to earn coins. The cash earned will allow you to unlock various upgrades for the entire wolf pack.

The pack members gain experience when you feed them the meat you’ve gathered, and if your main character is hurt, eating the food will restore the health points. If the alpha wolf is severely wounded, to regain strength, seek out smaller prey that won’t be able to retaliate and potentially kill you.

What are the controls for Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D?

You can play Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D for free exclusively in a PC browser.

  • WASD or arrow keys — move
  • Left mouse button — attack
  • Space — jump
  • Shift — sprint


  • An incredible action-adventure RPG
  • Various stat upgrades for your wolf and the entire pack
  • Immersive and rewarding gameplay

Release date

July 2018




All devices

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