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Zombies Are Coming

The end is near, Zombies Are Coming, and you are humanity’s last line of defense! Control the turret and eliminate as many zombies as you possibly can in this highly entertaining 2D action shooter game. There are plenty of power-ups you can collect and use to prevail in even seemingly hopeless situations. This awesome game features lovely 2D graphics and endless action-packed gameplay. While you’ll get overrun eventually, attempting to survive for as long as possible is grippingly entertaining.

Zombies Are Coming

The cannon you're controlling is stationary and shoots rounds automatically at a steady rate. Occasionally power-ups such as Gatling guns and shotguns will pop up on the battlefield. Aim your turret towards these icons to collect them and boost its firepower.

Various zombies are running toward you from all directions, and each mob type has a specific trait. A single shot isn't always enough to score a kill, some of the undead are quite fast, while others are strafing when running toward you, which makes them more difficult to hit.

After you shoot down 25 zombies, you’ll unlock an ability that, once used, destroys all the visible enemies. Use it in dire situations to prolong your survival. Other abilities at your disposal are a frost bomb and a grenade. You can collect these just like the aforementioned turret power-ups, so don't be stingy and use them regularly. Besides the blasting effect, using them will provide a couple of seconds in slow-motion, which can be very precious.

What are the controls for Zombies Are Coming?

The Zombies Are Coming on both PC and mobile devices! Click or tap to turn the turret and shoot in the desired direction and use the special abilities.


  • Action-packed 2D survival shooter
  • Gorgeous graphics and thrilling endless gameplay
  • Several power-ups and special abilities

Release date

September 2022




All devices

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