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Dominoes is a simple and entertaining tabletop multiplayer game you can play for free against other aspiring players worldwide. There are plenty of different versions of this classic game played around the world, but regardless of the variation, the rules remain quite simple. It’s a perfect mix of card, dice, strategy, and tile-matching games.

Each of the 4 players is awarded 7 rectangular domino tiles with two square ends marked with a specific number of dots from zero to six. The player with a double 6 in hand gets to play the first move, and the remaining players take turns alternately in a clockwise direction. To play a domino, you must have a matching number of dots to place adjacent to the tile played on either side of the table.

In this exciting online multiplayer variation, you’ll team up with a player across the table from you. Once a player places all the tiles from the hand to the board, the victory for the team is secured.

How to play Dominoes

It’s a good idea to keep multiple placement options available for the tiles you’re working with whenever possible. As the game progresses, it becomes even more important to try and block your opponent’s next move and force skipped turns. There are a total of 28 domino tiles, and after a couple of rounds, it’s much easier to predict which tiles your opponents have in their hands.

What are the controls for Dominoes?

You can play Dominoes on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to select a tile and place it on the table.


  • An online multiplayer classic tabletop game
  • A mix of card, dice, strategy, and tile-matching games
  • 4 players from around the world split into teams of 2

Release date

October 2019


PlayJoy Games


All devices

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