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Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape is a horror survival game with an emphasis on exploration. Collect items and open doors to escape a malignant hospital. Solve puzzles to keep yourself alive, hide in quiet places and try to keep enemies away. Be very afraid, as Dr. Psycho will turn you mad if he catches you! Run, hide, and do anything you can to survive his freak mutants.

How to play Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape

You are in danger, so you must escape: get items such as screwdrivers and keys and make an exit. Dr. Psycho’s mutants will haunt you, so hide under the bed, inside a fridge, or whatever else you can find.

You are quite fragile, yes, but not harmless. The best tactic, however, would be to avoid contact and run away from the psychos. Finally, solve diverse puzzles to improve your chances and keep yourself alive one more day. Do not let your guard down!

If you want, you can test your skills in hardcore mode, where enemies are stronger and smarter; this time, you will not get as lucky as you might think.

What are the controls for Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape?

The controls for the PC version are as follows:

  • WASD — basic movement
  • Left click — use items
  • E — interact with the environment
  • C — crouch
  • G — throw away held items
  • Space — jump
  • Shift — run


  • Detailed 3D graphics
  • Solid voice acting
  • Hardcode mode for die-hard survivors

Release date

December 2022


Knuckle Games


All devices

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