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Happy Glass 3

Happy Glass 3 is a free browser game where the player is required to draw a path for water to flow into a cup. The goal is to fill up the cup to a certain level to complete each level in this enjoyable online puzzle game. The game is the predecessor to Happy Glass 2 representing the third installment in the Happy Glass puzzles series.

How to Play Happy Glass 3?

To play Happy Glass Puzzles 3, you need to draw a path for the water to flow to the cup. Your objective is to fill up the cup to the goal level to complete each level. As you progress, you'll encounter a variety of different puzzles that add complexity and interest to the gameplay experience.

What are the controls for Happy Glass 3?

Use your mouse or finger to draw the path that the water will follow into the cup.


  • Draw objects to guide the water into the cup in each level. The amount of ink available for drawing is limited.
  • Various challenges in each of its 25 levels
  • Encounter specially designed obstacles in the game that make filling a glass with water not so easy
  • Different elements to interact with, such as cubes that fall on the glass and cover it, and hot platforms that evaporate the water as soon as it touches them

Release date

February 2021




All devices

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