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Game Heroes of Match 3 preview
Game Heroes of Match 3 preview

Heroes of Match 3

Heroes of Match 3

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Heroes of Match 3

The peaceful nation of indigenous people has lived and thrived on a beautiful remote isle for ages, but the unpredictable winds brought a goblin invasion to their doorstep in Heroes of Match 3! It’s time for their beloved king to sharpen the sword and recruit champions among the ordinary men to protect innocent civilians from many perils yet to come!

This is an amazing crossover between good old match-3 and role-playing games, which provides a much-needed breath of fresh air to everyone’s favorite casual genre. Instead of turn limits, both your king and the enemies have health points, and to damage the aggressors, you must come up with tile-specific combos.

There are hundreds of levels available and you’ll gradually unlock new heroes — special tiles with unique abilities. Besides the entertaining gameplay after completing each level a new piece of the story is revealed to you through the comic-styled dialogues, and both the graphics and the music are truly amazing.

How to play Heroes of Match 3

To damage each of the enemies, you must match the exact tile types shown next to their portraits. Generally, it’s better to look for 3+ matches whenever possible because you’ll gain hero tiles that allow for more efficient board-clearing opportunities. The in-game tips are very informative, so do yourself a favor and take a minute to read them since they’ll let you in on the newly introduced game mechanics.

What are the controls for Heroes of Match 3?

You can play Heroes of Match 3 on mobile and PC devices alike. Click or tap on the tiles to swap them with the adjacent ones and match triplets.


  • An immersive match-3 RPG
  • Gorgeous graphics and epic music
  • Comic-styled storyline dialogues
  • Hundreds of unique levels to complete
  • Gradually introduced fresh game mechanics

Release date

October 2020


Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.


All devices

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