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Mahjong Quest

Mahjong Quest is an excellent digitalized iteration of the Chinese tabletop tile-matching puzzle game featuring traditional music, relaxing gameplay, enjoyable sound effects, and gorgeous graphics. The objective is to match pairs of identical tiles to remove them until the board is cleared entirely. It would be a straightforward task but you can only play the ones that have either left or right side free. Season and flower tiles can be matched even if the picture in them is different.

In the beginning, the puzzles are fairly easy but as you progress through the game the quests become more and more complex. Luckily, there are 4 hints available to make your life a little easier, and the full-screen option helps out a lot when it comes to spotting identical tiles. Depending on the completion speed, you can earn gold, silver, or bronze medals, and to unlock the following level sets you must earn the required amount of medals first.

How to play Mahjong Quest

Finding the first couple of matches is usually the trickiest part of each puzzle, but once you get going, things become much easier. You want to try and clear the most elevated tiles first to open up additional pairing opportunities. Start from the sides of the board and slowly move toward the middle. When you’re struggling to find a match for a while, use the hints available to save precious time.

What are the controls for Mahjong Quest?

You can play Mahjong Quest on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to match the identical tiles until you’ve cleared the board entirely.


  • A top-tier version of the classic tabletop tile-matching game
  • A total of 63 increasingly complex time-limited levels
  • Relaxing traditional Chinese music and gorgeous graphics

Release date

December 2020


Inlogic Software


All devices

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