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Nova Snakes io

Nova Snakes io is a highly addictive and challenging single-player game that will certainly improve your fine motor skills. Devour shiny dots on a starry night to get bigger, but in this crazy game, it’s not exactly the case of bigger eats smaller. To defeat the opposing cosmic serpents, you mustn’t face them head-on, but rather cut off their path and make them run into you. Growing bigger will help you on this quest, but isn’t mandatory, and you’ll remain vulnerable, so you must tread carefully, regardless of the size. Once a snake is destroyed, it leaves a trail of stardust behind that you can consume to increase in size quickly.

How to play Nova Snakes io

To cut off your rival’s path, you’ll have to use the speed boost. However, you can’t speed up unless you’ve “eaten” a few shiny dots first, so it’s a good idea to grow in size a bit before attempting offensive maneuvers. The easiest way to get big is by chasing your own tail. When you turn on the speed boost, the stardust that feeds your growth will start dropping from the snake’s tail.

Outmaneuvering AI opponents isn’t easy, and it will take some time to learn how to do it without putting yourself in harm’s way. Practice movement by creating 8-shaped patterns first, and then try to move in small circles. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to turn more quickly and avoid collisions if you move slower.

What are the controls for Nova Snakes io?

You can play Nova Snakes io in a PC browser for free. Use your mouse pointer to move and the left mouse button or space to use the speed boost.


  • Challenging and addictive single-player snake game
  • Relaxing starry night background theme
  • Randomly generated snake skins on each playthrough

Release date

September 2019




All devices

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