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Offroad Life 3D

Offroad Life 3D is an immersive driving game that offers an adrenaline-pumping offroad experience, letting you navigate rugged terrains and challenging landscapes. You will get to drive powerful offroad vehicles across different locations around the world, experiencing various seasons from autumn to summer.

How to play Offroad Life 3D?

In Offroad Life 3D your goal is to master the art of offroad driving. Take control of various offroad vehicles, each with unique handling and capabilities. The game features different terrains and weather conditions, adding to the challenge. You'll encounter muddy paths, rocky plateaus, and more as you navigate through the stages. Each level is designed to test your driving skills, with natural obstacles like rocks, mud, and even ice to overcome.

Watch out for rockslides and other natural events that you might encounter, and don't get stuck!

What are the controls for Offroad Life 3D?

1 Player Mode

  • Drive: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Restart: R

2 Player Mode

  • Player 1 Drive: WASD
  • Player 1 Restart: R
  • Player 2 Drive: Arrow Keys
  • Player 2 Restart: O


  • Variety of powerful offroad vehicles
  • Different wheel options for customization
  • Dynamic terrains and weather conditions
  • Challenging stages with natural obstacles
  • 2-player mode for cooperative gameplay
  • Seasonal changes from autumn to summer
  • Upgradeable vehicles for enhanced performance
  • Intense driving simulation experience
  • Global locations offering diverse landscapes

Release date

January 2024


RHM Interactive



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