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Stickman Army: The Defenders

Welcome, soldier, you've just enlisted in Stickman Army: The Defenders, where the world of stick figures is in high-stakes turmoil. The White House is under attack, and it’s your job to marshal your stickman troops, outwit the enemy, and defend our beloved institutions from the stickman revolutionaries.

How to play Stickman Army: The Defenders

In Stickman Army: The Defenders, you're more than a mere spectator — you're a commander. You'll need strategic wit to position your troops on a chess-like board to stave off the invasion. Keep an eye on the sky — parachutes bearing precious supplies will be dropping into the battlefield. Collect them swiftly and reinforce your army with various stickman troops. Remember, you can ramp up the game's speed if you're up for an adrenaline-pumping challenge!

What are the controls for Stickman Army: The Defenders?

Stickman Army: The Defenders is deceptively simple, with easy controls for both PC and mobile users. On PC, use your mouse to select and place your soldiers. On mobile, a simple tap selects your soldiers, and another one places them on the battlefield. Navigate the field with a tap, tap, swipe — and you're ready to defend the White House!


  • Engage in tactical combat, placing troops strategically on a chessboard-like battlefield.
  • Keep a sharp eye for parachutes dropping precious points, using them to fortify your stickman army.
  • Looking for a tougher challenge? Boost the game's speed for added intensity.
  • Choose a pool of different soldiers to reinforce your ranks as per your battle strategy.

So, are you ready to outsmart the enemy, protect the President, and become the victorious general in the world of Stickman Army: The Defenders? Then gear up, and head out to the battlefield!

Release date

April 2018




All devices

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