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Game Stumble Boys Match preview
Game Stumble Boys Match preview

Stumble Boys Match

Stumble Boys Match

Theatre mode
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Stumble Boys Match

Stumble Boys Match is an exhilarating 3D arcade browser game that incorporates different sub-genres and requires aspiring players to develop a diverse skill set. The starting group of competitors counts 25 brave souls who are about to be put to the ultimate test — a bunch of different arenas, each containing a specific set of rules and objectives. In a true survival of the fittest manner, try your best and remain the last man standing!

How to play Stumble Boys Match?

Since Stumble Boys Match is primarily an arcade game, timely, coordinated movement with jumping is essential. The game modes for each round are selected randomly. Once you’re given a specific challenge, the tooltip on the screen will fill you in on the basics. In “Run” and “Door" game modes, for example, the goal is to overcome a variety of obstacles as quickly, therefore you have to keep your eyes open and reflexes sharp to reach the finish line before your opponents. In the “tail” mode, you want to keep your tail on by running away from your opponents, while in the “bomb” variation, the goal is to pass the bomb with a lit fuse to another player before it blows up. “Guess" is a memory game — remember the outline of fruit tiles, and move on to the one shown on the big screen before the time is up.

What are the controls for Stumble Boys Match?

Optimized for PC or tablet browser gaming experience, Stumble Boys Match has a simple list of controls. If you're playing on a tablet, on the left side, there's a dot within a circle designed for movement, and on the right side, there's a jump button. On PC, you’ll be using arrow or WASD keys for movement and space to jump.


  • Randomly selected game modes on each play-through
  • Unpredictable challenges that require quick adaptation
  • Daily rewards
  • Unique character skins

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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