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Triset.io is a unique 2D pixel-art puzzle game featuring competitive multiplayer. The objective is to create squares on the map using the available Tetris-styled pieces. Every action you take triggers a short cooldown, meaning you can place the next block only once this timer runs out. Attempt to form larger squares for bonus points, and place the awarded pieces adjacent to enemies’ tiles to capture them and conquer additional space.

How to play Triset.io

Three players are battling to acquire the most land possible in Triset.io on the 16-by-20-tiles board. At the very beginning, you will notice the gray blocks scattered around the map. To claim these tiles and expand your domain, place your pieces adjacent to them. You can do this with the enemies’ squares, too. Attempt to position your blocks so they’ll hinder and obstruct your opponents’ growth.

Periodically objects will spawn on the map and if you succeed in placing your piece atop it, you'll earn certain benefits. A “diamond” will add 50 points to your final score, a “lightning” will enable you to place the next 3 blocks regardless of the cooldown, and a “bomb” allows you to destroy tiles in a shape identical to your last used piece.

Forming bigger squares and protecting them from enemies is a sound winning strategy. As soon as you complete a 4-by-4 square, try to surround it with your pieces to prevent an opponent from destroying it. Expanding quickly is very important, so if you’re having trouble finding the proper spot for a specific block, it’s better to just skip it and hope you’ll get a more useful piece next.

What are the controls for Triset.io?

Triset.io is currently exclusively available in a PC browser.

  • Left mouse button — place
  • Right mouse button — rotate
  • Space — skip


  • A unique competitive multiplayer 2D puzzle game
  • A fast-paced game that demands quick thinking and reactions
  • Play solo against random players, or create a room for your friends

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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