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Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge is a fun and addictive adventure game where you can help the locals of your island save their paradise bay. Renovate, explore, solve riddles and much more in this amazing game!

How to play Tropical Merge?

Tropical Merge is an easy game to pick up. Merge three or more of the same object together to make new objects and progress. Start by merging sprouts together to make saplings and then keep further merging them to make an orange tree. You’ll also need to clear weeds and bushes to make space for all the new additions and renovations you’ll be making. Send a worker to cut down the weeds and earn randomized loot and chests as rewards for clearing it. Keep repeating this process and explore other parts of the island to progress further.

As you explore the island you’ll also unlock discount shops you can buy resources from. These shops are really useful as you can get special resources at cheap rates that can help you gain experience and unlock new lands faster.

What are the controls for Tropical Merge?

On desktop:

  • Use the left mouse button to merge objects together.

On mobile:

  • Tap on the resources to merge them together.


  • Intuitive controls. The controls for Tropical Merge are really simple. All you have to do is drag an object onto another to merge them and progress in the game.
  • Progression system. As you explore new lands you’ll have to merge some objects multiple times in order to complete a quest.
  • Multiple lands! There are plenty of lands for you to unlock and explore as you gain experience and level up!
  • Leaderboard. In Tropical Merge, there’s a leaderboard tracking the performance of players all over the globe. Compete against them and rank at the top to win amazing prizes. 

Release date

November 2021


Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.


All devices

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