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Truck Loader 4

In Truck Loader 4, you take charge of a loader equipped with a formidable magnet, and your task is to efficiently gather boxes and load them onto a truck for shipment. This might sound mundane and boring but this game is actually very entertaining. Embark on an enthralling journey through thirty levels of this great game, and delve into the intricate principles of physics along the way. Start loading the trucks now and see how many of them you can handle!

How to play Truck Loader 4

In Truck Loader 4, your job is to look for cargo boxes lying all over the place and put them on the waiting truck. There will be obstacles on your way to the boxes, and you’ll have to figure out how to overcome them. When loading the boxes, note that they must be placed at the required spots in the container for the truck to leave.

Controlling the loader is the most enjoyable element in Truck Loader 4. It can go back and forth, jump, and use its magnet to get the boxes. Try every possible way to pick up the boxes and load them on the truck in the most efficient of ways.

What are the controls for Truck Loader 4?

Truck Loader 4 is accessible on PC and mobile browsers. For controls on a PC, use the following keys:

  • A and D or left/right arrow keys to move back and forth
  • W, up arrow, or spacebar to jump
  • Click the left mouse button to activate the magnet for box pickups

On mobile, use the on-screen control buttons to move, jump, and get boxes.


  • Fun 2D graphics and amazing game physics
  • Different levels of difficulty throughout the game
  • Stimulating puzzles to collect boxes
  • Suitable for both children and adults

Release date

April 2021




All devices

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