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Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is a lovely 2D point-and-click car game with vivid cartoon-style graphics and plenty of ingenious puzzles to solve. Wheely, the splendid red car, is off to a picnic with his sweetheart, but the romantic date is interrupted by the most unlikely of visitors. The alien four-wheelers have crash-landed right next to their cozy campfire. Being the gentleman he is, our protagonist will do the best he can to help the strangers in need, and it’s your job to help him out.

This is exactly the type of brain game you’d gladly introduce your kid to, but don’t get the wrong impression that the gameplay is easy. Each level is uniquely designed, and some of the objectives are quite difficult to complete, even for grown-ups.

How to play Wheely 8

To solve all the logical puzzles in Wheely 8 successfully, it’s imperative to carefully analyze every given situation. Make sure you understand the objective of each level and start working toward it step-by-step.

Locate all the switches, levers, and moving platforms you can interact with and test how your actions affect them. Once you’ve tried all the options available, it’s much easier to work out the best course of action to solve any problem presented.

What are the controls for Wheely 8?

You can play this extraordinary 2D brain game on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click, hold and drag to interact with various objects across dozens of levels. Tap or click on the protagonist to set him in motion, and repeat to push the brakes and stop moving.


  • A perfect 2D brain game for kids and adults alike
  • Vivid cartoon-style graphics and storytelling elements
  • Dozens of ingeniously designed levels to complete
  • An excellent problem-solving exercise

Release date

May 2018




All devices

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