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Yummy Tales

Yummy Tales is a magical adventure in the world where players take a delightful farmyard journey. Guided by a witty and charismatic dog, the game goes beyond the typical experience. Here, your mission is to line up colorful fruits and vegetables and keep adorable farm animals happily fed. With every successful match, you prepare delicious feasts for the hungry residents of the farm, bringing joy to their lives.

Yummy Tales offers a variety of challenges, each level more intriguing than the previous one, with another mission to complete. The game is peppered with daily tasks, adding an extra layer of excitement. They are not just for fun — they unlock valuable rewards like coins and boosters, essential for conquering the more complex levels.

How to play Yummy Tales

Level up your game and reap the rewards! Each level you conquer brings you exciting prizes. The better you perform, the more stars and cash you'll earn. Strive for excellence at each level to maximize your gains and open chests with prizes.

But here's a little insight: as the levels get tougher, you might need a little extra help. Boosters, which you can buy with the money you've earned or receive from completed levels, could be your key to overcoming these challenging stages.

What are the controls for Yummy Tales?

The controls for the Yummy Tales game are quite straightforward. Players need to either click or drag the left mouse button to interact with the game​​. This simple control scheme makes it accessible and easy to play on various devices, including those with a mouse or touch-based inputs.


  • Vivid and colorful graphics
  • Use boosters to overcome challenges
  • Levels with increasing difficulty

Release date

September 2021




All devices

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