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Game Zombie Hunt preview
Game Zombie Hunt preview

Zombie Hunt

Zombie Hunt

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Zombie Hunt

The Zombie Hunt is on, but you won’t be able to deal with the swarms of approaching brain-eaters for too long. This fast-paced 2D shooter game features endless action-packed gameplay, and the hordes of undead coming at you in waves. To make your life even harder, there are also human survivors attempting to run away from the infected, so you can’t simply shoot at anything that moves. The game is over if you shoot down a survivor by accident or three zombies manage to reach you. Playing this thrilling shooter will definitely improve your reflexes, fine motor skills, and split-second decision-making.

How to play Zombie Hunt

You can’t beat an endless game, but this awesome clicker keeps track of your current best score, so you can always try to improve it. Don’t rush to kill zombies as soon as they appear. Don’t get us wrong, eliminating threats as soon as possible isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The tricky part is that if you’ve killed a couple of brain-eaters as soon as they’ve appeared, you may get carried away and instantly shoot at EVERYTHING. This often leads to friendly fire, and the game is over if you kill a survivor. After saving several survivors, you’ll gain additional Bomb and Lightning booster charges, so don’t hold back using these helpful items regularly. Finally, try to eliminate the sly Zombie Granny as soon as possible (you’ll soon learn why).

What are the controls for Zombie Hunt?

You can play Zombie Hunt on both PC and mobile devices. Use the left mouse button or tap on the zombies to eliminate them. Click or tap, then drag and drop a booster to use it.


  • A fast-paced 2D zombie shooter
  • Eye-catching graphics and spooky music
  • Challenging gameplay — endless waves of zombies and survivors

Release date

February 2022


Absolutist Ltd.


All devices


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