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Game Idle Noob Lumberjack preview
Game Idle Noob Lumberjack preview

Idle Noob Lumberjack

Idle Noob Lumberjack

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8.8(16 votes)

Idle Noob Lumberjack

Gather renewable building materials from your surroundings, erect buildings, upgrade them, expand your domain, recruit minions to do your bidding, and enjoy the cozy island life in Idle Noob Lumberjack! This highly addictive and casual 3D Minecraft-inspired game features lovely pixelated graphics, relaxing music, and rewarding gameplay.

After a humble start, you’ll be able to expand the isle, which allows you to gather different resources along with additional building slots. Soon enough, new technologies will become available and you can sell the raw resources or refined products to earn coins necessary for many quality-of-life upgrades, but also some hilarious character skins.

How to play Idle Noob Lumberjack

To cut down trees, dig up ore, build, or upgrade structures, you need to simply approach an object of interest and the protagonist will do all the actions automatically. The resource respawn timers are very short, so you don’t even have to move from one spot to farm effectively.

Don’t underestimate the materials gathered by your minions, and invest in upgrading their homes regularly. These industrious drones will boost your resource yields significantly over time. Once you expand your home isle, focus on building all the newly available structures to discover more techs ASAP. 

What are the controls for Idle Noob Lumberjack?

You can play Idle Noob Lumberjack on both PC and mobile devices.

If you prefer playing on a PC, use WASD or arrow keys to move your character around the island.

Tap, hold, and drag your finger to move the character while playing on a touchscreen device.


  • A lovely Minecraft-inspired idle base-building game
  • Plenty of renewable resources to gather and refine
  • Different structures to build on a lovely isle you call home
  • Industrious minions to help you out
  • Isle expansions and new technologies

Release date

January 2024




All devices

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