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School Bus Demolition Derby

Buckle up, thrill-seekers, School Bus Demolition Derby is here to take you on a wild ride! In this chaotic and adrenaline-pumping 3D game, you'll drive a school bus of your choice in a high-stakes, high-speed demolition arena. Yes, school buses are not just for picking up students anymore – they're now your tool for turbo-charged destruction!

How to play School Bus Demolition Derby

Select your favorite bus from an array of vibrant colors, rev it up, and get ready to cause some serious bus-shaped mayhem. Smash into your opponents, earn points with every crash, and use your rewards to repair your bus, boost its armor, get indestructible tires, and amp up your engine. Watch the crowd go wild as you activate your nitro oxide and cause spectacular destruction on the track. Your goal? To be the last bus standing, of course!

What are the controls for School Bus Demolition Derby?

Controlling your bus in School Bus Demolition Derby is as fun as the chaos you're creating. Desktop users, W, A, S, D keys are your levers of destruction, while the space bar ignites your nitro-boost. Mobile gamers, swipe to steer your steel beast and tap for nitro-propelled power bursts.

In School Bus Demolition Derby, each crash counts and every wreck reaps rewards. Ready to create chaos?


  • High-octane 3D demolition derby gameplay.
  • A colorful variety of buses to choose from.
  • Earn points through the chaos to upgrade and repair your bus.
  • Nitro oxide boosts to make your derby experience even more exhilarating.

Step into the world of School Bus Demolition Derby and turn the typically calm and orderly world of school buses on its head. Are you ready to become the ultimate bus demolition champion? It's time to buckle up – things are about to get destructively fun!

Release date

June 2020


No Pressure Studios


All devices

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