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SlitherCraft.io is a competitive multiplayer snake game featuring 2D Minecraft-inspired graphics and addictive endless gameplay. In a 100-player rectangular arena, there’s always a bigger serpent, but it’s actually the smaller ones you should be even more careful about. 

The snake’s head is the only vulnerable spot, and there are some truly hilarious skins available to choose from. To make things even more comical, the other players’ heads you devour upon outplaying them become part of your body.

Just as in any multiplayer game, you’ll have the best time dominating, but it may take a while to get there. If you like a good fine motor skill exercise in a competitive setting, this awesome snake game is precisely what you’ve been looking for.

How to play SlitherCraft.io

There are two ways to outplay your opponents. You can either cut them off so they run into your body, or deal a blow to the head by tossing dynamite at it. Keep in mind that using the speed boost will decrease the length of your snake, which is especially important in the earlier stages of the game.

After gaining enough body length, the best defensive maneuver to perform is chasing your own tail and curling up in a ball. Similarly, attempt to encircle smaller opponents to cut off their escape routes. 

What are the controls for SlitherCraft.io?

You can play SlitherCraft.io on PC and mobile devices alike. All the controls are easily discerned if playing on a touchscreen device. Use the mouse to move the snake if playing on a PC, the left mouse button for a speed boost, and the right mouse button to toss dynamite.


  • Competitive multiplayer snake game
  • Mine-craft inspired graphics
  • Hilarious snake skins
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay

Release date

April 2022


K&S Games


All devices

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