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Craftmine is an amazing 2D platform survival game in which you must take care of your character’s basic needs by harvesting precious resources from your surroundings. You can use the resources gathered to craft tools, weapons, buildings, and many other useful items. The 2D pixelated graphics complement the immersive atmosphere perfectly, the sound effects are amazing, and the gameplay is thrilling and highly enjoyable.

The objective of the game is to survive for as many days as possible. Besides wild animals roaming the environment in the nighttime, the spooky zombies will also spawn, making your life even harder. You must be smart, resourceful, and crafty to make a living in the harsh and cold world that you’ve just entered.

How to play Craftmine

Your brave character has three basic needs you must fulfill: food, water, and warmth. There are several ways to gather food in this game, but at first, you’ll be picking apples from the nearby bushes to get by. Later on, you can attack various wild animals and collect the meat and hides.

If your character is thirsty, it’s enough to simply jump in the water, and the thirst will be sated. Don’t do this IRL though, unless you want to get poisoned! To stay warm you must build a campfire, and all the crafting recipes are explained in the tools, survival, hats, and building tabs of the crafting guide.

What are the controls for Craftmine?

You can play Craftmine on both PC and mobile devices. Use the WASD or arrow keys to move on a PC, or tap the arrow keys to move the character on mobile. Click or tap on various blocks, objects, and NPCs to harvest or attack them.


  • An amazing 2D platform survival game
  • Pixelated Minecraft-inspired graphics and gameplay
  • Plenty of crafting recipes to try out
  • Food, water, and warmth are your primary needs

Release date

February 2020




All devices

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