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Game Halloween Bingo preview
Game Halloween Bingo preview

Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo

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Halloween Bingo

If you’re feeling lucky today and have a sense that the stars are aligned for you to succeed, test your hot hand against an AI opponent in the game of Halloween Bingo! Unlike casino games, Bingo can’t really be rigged, so it’s a fair and square game of pure luck for all parties involved.

Spin the wheel of fortune and cross out the numbers rolled on your 5-by-5 bingo ticket to complete three 5-number lines faster than your AI rival. There are 25 numbers in total, so you can’t really do anything wrong or right; just hope for the best and believe strongly that the luck of the draw will favor you today.

This game combines a festive atmosphere, thrilling music, and casino-styled trigger-happy sound effects, which can be turned off, fortunately, if that’s not your kind of thing. If gambling is what floats your boat, at least you won’t lose any money today!

How to play Halloween Bingo

Before participating in the lottery, you get to randomly generate the layout of the numbers on your bingo ticket as many times as you like. After you spin the wheel, you’ll touch the number, and if the number was already rolled during the game, you get to spin again.

Peculiarly, some studies suggest that one can actually interfere with the RNG systems and that contemplating the desired result increases the chances of it becoming a reality.

What are the controls for Halloween Bingo?

You can play Halloween Bingo on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to spin the wheel and cross out the rolled numbers in your 5-by-5 bingo ticket.


  • A lottery game against an AI opponent
  • Casino-styled sound effects and festive graphics
  • 5x5 bingo ticket, 25 numbers on the wheel
  • The first to cross out three 5-number streaks wins

Release date

October 2018


Freak X Games


All devices

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