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Stickman Army: The Resistance

Stickman Army: The Resistance is a cool 2D defense game where control two watchmen to shoot invading soldiers before they take your tower down. You need to pay close attention, as enemies attack the tower on both sides! Keep a good watch from the tower and defeat anyone stepping into the surrounding areas.

Featuring fun stickman characters and upgradeable weapons, Stickman Army: The Resistance offers forty levels for you to enjoy. The difficulty increases after each finished level as the number of enemies rises. The more stickmen you eliminate, the more coins you can get for weapon upgrades. Can you resist the invaders and survive until the last minute?

How to play Stickman Army: The Resistance

You’ll be in charge of the two stickmen on a watchtower. At the beginning of each level, you’ll need to construct defenses, as the lone tower will fall in just one hit. So, don’t forget to reinforce it all the time. To increase your chances of survival, you will also need to upgrade weapons and equip your stickmen with the best guns, since your enemies will come in huge waves.  

During the battle, keep your eyes on both sides of the tower by moving to either side of your screen. Once the enemy appears, aim at your target, and the watchmen will shoot automatically. And don’t forget to shoot down those that have a star on the head for more bonuses.

You can also activate the rage mode to make your stickmen shoot twice as fast when things start to get hairy and the enemies are about to overwhelm your defenses. Manage your rage resource carefully and activate it only when necessary.

What are the controls for Stickman Army: The Resistance?

You can access Stickman Army: The Resistance on your PC and mobile browsers. For controls, click or tap on either of your stickmen to change their direction and then designate targets.


  • Fun 2D stickman designs and lively music
  • Forty levels to unlock with increasing difficulty
  • Lots of upgradeable weapons and defensive structures
  • Great for children and families

Release date

November 2017




All devices

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